DRY CARGO - General Cargo - GC0524 - abt 3400 dwt Built 1998

GC0524 - abt 3400 dwt Built 1998

GC0524 - abt 3400 dwt Built 1998

No : 85354 Date : 01 March 2016

Built Year : 1998 Gross : 2530 Dwt : 3440 Built Place : EUROPA


Geared Tweendecker convertible into Singledecker

Built 1998 at Slovenske Lodennice A.S., Komarno/Slovakia
Doubleskinned/boxlike - steelfloored –
Classed according to highest standard of the Germanischer Lloyd
GL+100 A 5 E G, MC E Aut - strengthened for heavy cargoes
equipped for the carriage of dangerous goods - equipped for the carriage container

abt 3.442 mtons dwat on abt 5,56 m summer saltwater even keel
abt 3.340 mtons dwat on abt 5,44 m winter saltwater even keel
abt 3.575 mtons dwat on abt 5,68 m tropical saltwater even keel
abt 3.295 mtons dwat on abt 5,40 m winter northatlantic sw even keel

1 hold / 1 hatch - steelmultifold crocodile hatch covers (McGregor)
hold dimensions (all in meters )
abt 56.55 m length x abt 10.20 m breadth x abt 8.00 m height
hold is narrowing in fore part
hatch dimensions - abt 56.55 meters length x abt 10.20 meters breadth

without tweendeck onboard - abt 4.530 cbm which is equivalent to abt 159.976 cbft
with tweendeck onboard - abt 4.250 cbm which is equivalent to abt 150.087 cbft

vsl has a full set of tweendeck pontoons onboard with total 11 pontoons
tweendeck pontoons consisting of 4 panels can be built up to 2 movable vertical
bulkheads able to divide vessel's holds to 3 different holds/comparments. Bulkeads can
be placed in 7 different positions
tweendeck can be placed in 2 different positions as follows:
height of position 1 from tanktop - abt 4,20 metres
height of position 2 from tanktop - abt 5,30 metres
thickness/height of tweendeckpontoons - abt 0,50 metres

vsl is electric ventilated with about 12 airchanges per hour basis empty holds

tanktop strength 20,00 mtons per square metre
tweendeck strength 2,50 mtons per square metre
hatch cover strength 1,60 mtons per square metre

2 NMF cranes of 35 mtons swl each - located port side
SWL of 35 mtons at 12 meters outreach
SWL of 25 mtons at 18 meters outreach
outreach min 2 meters upto max 18 meters
cranes are combinable upto abt but max 70 mtons however tandem operations
of any kind is always subject to vessel's stability/trim and individual
weight/size/center of gravity etc of cargo which to be rechecked with Master/
Owners for reconfirmation prior loading. Charterers to give Master and Owners
all necessary info of the cargo prior to loading cargo with cranes in
combination and Owners and Master have to reconfirm that vsl can load/
discharge the cargo.
Max working list for tandem operations is 2 degrees.
When loading cargo with cranes in combination Charterers and their servants
have to strictly follow Master's instruction. Charterers' to provide
experienced crane drivers when working the cranes in combination.
vessel has no traverses/spreaders etc onboard

Loa abt. 85,47 m
Lbp abt. 81,07 m
Breadth moulded abt. 12,80 m
Depth to maindeck abt. 7,10 m
GT abt. 2.530
NT abt. 1.370
Suez GT / NT abt. 2.604/2.103
Panama NT abt. 2.177
Height above keel abt. 26,10 meters and plus Antenna abt. 30 meters

Accomodation 9 cabins/12 persons
- vessel is grain fitted according to latest SOLAS regulations and
vsl's grain stability booklet however prior loading a grain cargo
the Charterers have to recheck same with the Master failing Owners
are not responsible for Chts' failure
- vessel is not Great Lakes fitted
- container data
vessel is not fitted with lashing material
Hold - 105 TEU or 48 FEU + 9 TEU
Hatch - 62 TEU or 23 FEU + 16 TEU
Total - 167 TEU or 71 FEU + 25 TEU
all figures are given subject to vessel overall stability, trim, visibility, canaland
river regulations, and max. permissible weights.

homog. intake :
estimated intake based on homogenous weight basis saltwater even keel
12 metric tons = about 150 TEU
13 metric tons = about 148 TEU
14 metric tons = about 142 TEU
15 metric tons = about 140 TEU
16 metric tons = about 138 TEU
17 metric tons = about 136 TEU
20 metric tons = about 128 TEU
22 metric tons = about 124 TEU

reefer capacity :
the vessel fitted for 18 reefer TEU - all on deck
in case Charterers carrying fruit and other frozen cargo in reefer containers and
generators have to be kept within a short temperature range of max 2-4 degr C, i.e.
generators have to work more or less 24 hours the day then it could be possible that
the powersupply from the vessel is not sufficient to supply power for the reefer
containers especially not when shaft generator has to be disconnected due to weather
etc and/or when the cranes/ventilation is/are working simultaneously at sea resp.
in port. In this respect the reefer container carrying capacity to be reduced
according to vessel's powersupply. Reefer containers have to be supplied to the
vessel always downcooled to the correct temperature. Vsl not to downcool containers
when loaded onboard.

stackweights :
hatchcovers 30 mtons 30 mtons
tanktop hold 72 mtons 90 mtons
- vsl is not fitted with timber lashing material
as guide only :
packet timber loading 6.5 m3 and 2.7 t/packet:
hold - about 1941 mt (w/o twd pontoons)
on Deck - about 330 mt
total - about 2271 mt

- 1 MAN B&W Diesel, Type 7 L 28/32A, 1.715 kW at 725 min
- speed : abt 12 knots
consumption :
at sea - abt 6,5/7,25 mtons MGO
idle/port - abt 1,0/1,50 mtons MGO
gear working - abt 1,8/2,30 mtons MGO
eco speed - consumption basis abt
- 9 kts - cons - about 5.5 mt
-10 kts - cons. - about 5.6 mt
-11 kts - cons. - about 5.7 mt
Aux. Engines:
2 MAN, Type D 2866 LE, 230 kW 1 MAN, Type D 0226 ME, 47 kW
2 Diesel-Generator at 263,0 kVA
1 Emergency-Generator at 50,0 kVA
1 Shaft-Generator at 470,0 kVA
1 bowthruster 185 kW